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Why not visit Rome with an expert and licenced guide that speaks your language perfectly? A guide that can share their passion and indepth knowledge of the city with you? Why not get into the most famous monuments, galleries and archaeological excavations without spending hours in line to buy tickets?

Or why not enjoy the city in the confort of our vehicles, in the company of a professional driver that speaks your language?
Somebody that can drive in restricted traffic areas and get you close to any site you want to visit saving time?

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Rome and Vaticancity tour consists of tourism professionals. people that have been working toghether for over ten years in order to give you a high level of personalized, private services. A friendly and direct approach that will allow you to enjoy Rome in a different way from the usual crowded tours.

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Rome, the ethernal city

Take a trip through 28 centuries of history and discover the greatest metropolis of all antiquity, one of the great wonders of the world with its thermal baths, its basilicas, amphitheatres, temples, circuses and libraries; with its masterpieces in engineering, the aqueducts, bridges and 80,000 kilometres of roads that linked up the huge empire. A thousand years of culture that marked the history of our world, with the spreading of the Roman language, law, architecture and masterpieces of engineering, and last but not least, a way of life, of thinking and of enjoying oneself.

Our journey through time will touch the Renaissance and the Baroque, Rome the city of Popes and that of the Artists, adoptive home to Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Bernini, the centre of Art and Culture as well as the fulcrum of Christianity.

As we approach the modern era, we shall stop off at landmarks of the Dolce Vita, the cinema, beautiful living and excellent cuisine. We will also visit the marvels of the Vatican and St. Peter's, eventually approaching the city of the third millennium on the hunt for its most charming places.

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